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Procedure adopted for accepting consent fees, Autorenewal Format




EODB Circular 1/8/13-PCB/Vol.X/Tech/11895


3.                                                                     EODB Circular 1/8/13-PCB/Vol.X/Tech/14179                         PDF
4. Amendment In Environmental Clearance and Publication in Local News Paper (Leading Hotels LTD)                         PDF
5. Notification from Department of Science, Technology and Environment (No. 7/4/98 STE-DIR/Part I/587)                         PDF
6. Procedure for Authorization for E- Waste PDF
7. Procedure of Authorization for Plastic Waste PDF
8. Checklist of Documents to Obtain Authorization PDF
9. Processing fees for Authorization under Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules 2016 PDF
10. Categorization of Consents and Validy of Consents PDF
11. Processing of Applications for Consent to Establish for Shacks PDF
12. Under Ease of of Doing Business circular no 1/8/08-PCB/Vol.XIII/Admn/15056 reg. Queries against investors PDF
13. Under Ease of of Doing Business circular no 1/8/08-PCB/Vol.XIII/Admn/15055 reg. Inspection check list PDF