Sr. No.




Procedure adopted for accepting consent fees, Autorenewal Format




EODB Circular 1/8/13-PCB/Vol.X/Tech/11895


3.                                                                     EODB Circular 1/8/13-PCB/Vol.X/Tech/14179                         PDF
4. Amendment In Environmental Clearance and Publication in Local News Paper (Leading Hotels LTD)                         PDF
5. Notification from Department of Science, Technology and Environment (No. 7/4/98 STE-DIR/Part I/587)                         PDF
6. Procedure for Authorization for E- Waste PDF
7. Procedure of Authorization for Plastic Waste PDF
8. Checklist of Documents to Obtain Authorization PDF
9. Processing fees for Authorization under Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules 2016 PDF
10. Categorization of Consents and Validy of Consents PDF
11. Processing of Applications for Consent to Establish for Shacks PDF
12. Under Ease of of Doing Business circular no 1/8/08-PCB/Vol.XIII/Admn/15056 reg. Queries against investors PDF
13. Under Ease of of Doing Business circular no 1/8/08-PCB/Vol.XIII/Admn/15055 reg. Inspection check list PDF

        River Rejuvination

14.1) NGT Order in Application no 673 of 2018 -NGT-Delhi

14.11) NGT Order in a matter of 673 of 2018 - 8th April 2019

14.2) River Rejuvination Committee - Order issued by Department of Environment

14.3)  Chapora River Action Plan

14.4) Terekhol River Action Plan

14.5) Zuari River Action Plan

14.6) Sal River Action Plan

14.7) Assonora River Action Plan  

14.8) Bicholim River Action Plan  

14.9) Khandepar River Action Plan  

14.10) Mandovi River Action Plan  

14.11) Sinquerim River Action Plan  

14.12) Talpona River Action Plan

14.13) Valvanti River Action Plan

Nodal Officer - Science & Technology

Nodal Officer - WRD

Nodal Officer - COP

Nodal Officer - SIDCGL

Nodal Officer - DITC

Nodal Ofiicers List


15. Minutes of State level committee meeting in a matter of OA No.606/2018  
16. Minutes of River Rejuvenation Committee  
17. Office Order - Scrutining of complaints and status report PDF
18. Amendment to Order No - 1/5/18-PCB/Vol.XXIV/Admn/15643 dated 30/11/18 PDF
19. Amendment to Order No - 1/518-PCB/Vol.XIV/15643 PDF
20. Extension of Validity period of Consent to Operate/Authoriations expiring on 31/3/2020 till 30/6/2020 PDF
21. Guidelines for STP PDF
22. Circular - Approved Fuels in the state of Goa PDF
23 Circular dated 28/05/2020 No 10/2/20-PCB/Vol IX/Tech/2087 Regarding hazardous waste PDF
24. Circular dated 23-6-2020 NO. 1/5/20-PCB/Vol.XXVI/Admin/3726 Regarding Covid-19 pandemic situation - Board discision of granting of consents with certain conditions PDF
25. Circular Regarding Category 33.1 Hazardous Waste dated 16/07/2020 PDF
27 Guidelines for citing of Solid Waste Management Facility in Rural areas PDF
28 Retrofitting of emission control devices/equipment in DG sets with capacity of 125 KVA and above in State of Goa PDF
29. Regarding Pet Coke and furnace Oil as Fuel PDF
30. Authorization Fees PDF
31. Re-Constitution of a Departmental Promotion Committee and Deparmental Selection committee in respect of Group 'A' and 'B' posts in the Goa State Pollution control Board PDF
32. Disposal modes of Hazardous waste PDF
33. Retrofitting of Emission control Devices PDF
34. Disposal of Landfillable Hazardous Waste PDF
35. CIRCULAR - Reg Mechanism/Guidelines for Control of Pollution and Enforcement of Environment Norms at Individual Establishments and the Area/Cluster of Restaurants/Hotels/Motels/Banquets etc PDF
36 Guidelines of Minimum distance criteria for operation of stone quarries close to residential and public roads in view of order passed in NGT order in OA No. 304/2019 PDF
37. Empanelment of Manufacturers/Vendors for installation, operation, and maintenance of STP, ETP plants. PDF

Approved Fuels

Read Circular 4/142/20-PCB/Admn/21612 dated 19/03/2020

Circular 4/142/20-PCB/Admn/2158 dated 29/05/2020

39. Information for all the Industries generating Hazardous Waste PDF
40. Circular regarding Inspection w.r.t complaint received/Routine inspections/Authorizations PDF
41. Circular - Withdrawal of Circular Regarding "Guidelines for Transportation and Treatment of Cat 3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4 & Cat 5.2 PDF
42. General guidelines for Firm/Company getting enlistment towards the Installation/Operation/Maintenance of sewage Treatment Plants PDF
43. Healthcare facilities generating BMW to dispose the waste through Biotic Waste Solutions Pvt Ltd PDF
44. E-Waste Dismantlers PDF
45. Circular - Guidelines for Management of Sanitary Waste as per Solid Wasrte Management Rules,2016 by CPCB PDF
46. CPCB Guidlines for imposition of Environmental compensation charges against Healthcare Facility and common Biomedical Waste treatement facility PDF
47. Retrofitting of emission control devices/quipment in DG Sets with capacity of 125 KVA up to 1000 KVA inState of Goa PDF
48. Regarding Hazardous Waste disposal methods PDF
49. Bio-Medical Waste Authorization Fees PDF
50. Annual Report on Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules 2016 For 2021-2022 PDF
51. Office Order for Sitting Fee for the non official members of the Board PDF
52. Ease of Doing Business and Simplification of procedure with undertaking PDF
53. Procedure followed for processing of Applications for Consents under Water and Air Act and Authorisation under the Waste Rules PDF
54. Notification/Document list/Fees for Construction and Demolition Waste Authorisation PDF
55. Simplification of procedure for Solid Waste and C&D waste applications under Ease of Doing Business PDF
56. Mandate for online delivery of services PDF
57. Empanelment of Manufacturers/Vendors for the installation, operation and maintenance of STP/ETP PDF