Circulars 2021

Sr. No.



1.Minutes of State level committee meeting in a matter of OA No.606/2018 
2.Retrofitting of emission control devices/equipment in DG sets with capacity of 125 KVA and above in State of GoaPDF
3.Authorization FeesPDF
4.Re-Constitution of a Departmental Promotion Committee and Departmental Selection committee in respect of Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ posts in the Goa State Pollution control BoardPDF
5.Disposal modes of Hazardous wastePDF
6.Retrofitting of Emission control DevicesPDF
7.Disposal of Landfillable Hazardous WastePDF
8.CIRCULAR – Reg Mechanism/Guidelines for Control of Pollution and Enforcement of Environment Norms at Individual Establishments and the Area/Cluster of Restaurants/Hotels/Motels/Banquets etcPDF
9.Guidelines of Minimum distance criteria for operation of stone quarries close to residential and public roads in view of order passed in NGT order in OA No. 304/2019PDF
10.Empanelment of Manufacturers/Vendors for installation, operation, and maintenance of STP, ETP plants.PDF
11.Approved Fuels
Read Circular 4/142/20-PCB/Admn/21612 dated 19/03/2020
Circular 4/142/20-PCB/Admn/2158 dated 29/05/2020
12.Information for all the Industries generating Hazardous WastePDF
13.Circular regarding Inspection w.r.t complaint received/Routine inspections/AuthorizationsPDF
14.Circular – Withdrawal of Circular Regarding “Guidelines for Transportation and Treatment of Cat 3.1,3.2,3.3,3.4 & Cat 5.2PDF
15.Healthcare facilities generating BMW to dispose the waste through Biotic Waste Solutions Pvt LtdPDF
16.E-Waste DismantlersPDF
17.Circular – Guidelines for Management of Sanitary Waste as per Solid Wasrte Management Rules,2016 by CPCBPDF